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Juju Masks Designs on gorgeous gifts

I’m so excited to share my new Juju Masks Designs with you!!

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Juju Masks Designs on Coffee Mugs

My plan is to paint these designs on scarves and create gorgeous new hand-painted silk tops and coats — stay tuned!

Juju Mask Design Products by Teena Hughes

Available here >>

Currently available as coffee mugs, greeting cards, prints, smart phone cases – and more to come!


Teena Hughes signature in pink


Textile Tour in Paris in July 2018

Textile Tour in Paris with Teena Hughes

Textile Tour in Paris with Teena Hughes in 2018

I love Paris, I’ve lived in Paris, and now I revisit Paris almost yearly to catch up with friends, and to show new visitors to Paris the things I love about this amazing city!

In early 2007 (yes, 7 years ago!) I created my first website about Paris, and it became a daily connection — I wrote about things I loved about Paris, and pretty soon I was receiving lots of enquiries via my website.  This was way before Facebook etc, and I was so proud to have built up my website to receive around 1,000 web visitors per day – an incredible achievement for a new site!

I started to write about all the things I do in Paris, and before too long I was organising tours and adventure for folks to meet me in Paris and join me for a day or more on one of my Adventures.

A lot of folks who wrote to me were textile lovers, seamstresses and people who loved to sew. I shared my favourite fabric stores and districts, quaint little haberdasheries and other places to buy buttons, ribbons, trims and everything related to the love of textiles and materials.

So when I visit Paris I always visit the fabric district to browse and see which fabrics, haberdashery etc are in vogue;  I love the feel of the different textiles, being surrounded with the colours of the rainbow, and finding little treasures to take home for my own sewing adventures.

If you’d like to join me on one of these excursions, we can meet in the fabric district, browse to our heart’s content for an hour or two, and have a coffee or tea afterwards to share our finds with each other.

  • 10:00am to 2:30am – 4.5 hours
  • we will meet for a coffee/tea in the fabric district, and get to know each other
  • next we’ll visit and browse in as many stores as we like for about two hours (they’re all next to each other)
  • next we’ll rest our weary feet during a quick lunch break at a local cafe before we head off to more stores in the afternoon
  • maximum 4 people (plus me)
    1. Wednesday 11th July, 2018
    2. Friday 13th July, 2018
  • $US197 (to be confirmed) per person, includes price of the first coffee or tea.

I’m still in the planning stages, so the dates might change.

If you would like to meet up with me for a tantalising textile-y Adventure, please do send me a message straight away!!  Click here >>

for Textile Lovers

  • I welcome you with a coffee, tea or cold drink in a French café when we meet up!
  • Visit to the Montmartre district at the foot of Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart Church), explore the many different stores which sell silk and all the other gorgeous fabrics your heart desires, the most beautiful haberdashery, beading and many other embellishments for scarves, clothing and interior design
  • A little AbfabDesigns Silk Samples Booklet of silk swatches with information about types of silk (my favourite)
  • Handouts with information about the history of Montmartre.

What else will we do?

  • Enjoy lunch in a local café in the middle of the day (we each pay for ourselves)
  • Enjoy an afternoon tea, coffee or cold drink at the end of our Textile Taster at a lovely Montmartre café bar (included)
  • Chat with the locals and enjoy being in Paris :-)
  • If possible, I will arrange for one of my friends to join us, so you can talk to someone who lives in Paris.


New Design EYE EYE EYE by Teena Hughes

New Design EYE EYE EYE by Teena Hughes

My New Design EYE EYE EYE

I’ve been suffering from the heat a lot lately (living in a tropical place does have some challenges), and doodling on paper, sketching ideas, thinking of making some new summer-weight clothes for myself — and possibly to share with others.

So this is what I came up with! I’ve often added eyes into some of my drawings and sketches, and they felt right for this one too :-)

So what do you think? Does it look crisp and cool? Let me know in the Comments below if you like the black and white, or would also like to see brightly coloured versions too xx

Other wearable art is also available with the same EYE EYE EYE design:

New Design EYE EYE EYE additional products by Teena Hughes

Fashionista Afternoon Tea with Teena Hughes

Fashionista Afternoon Tea with Teena Hughes of AbfabDesigns.comJoin me for a Fashionista Afternoon Tea!

It’s time to dust off this wonderful concept which was very popular in Sydney!

Upcoming Dates in 2015

  • Between 10-29 September 2015 — Paris, France
  • Victoria Point / Brisbane 15 Oct — 15 Dec

Proposed Dates in 2016

  • June in Hawaii
  • June in Los Angeles
  • September in Paris
  • end October on Norfolk Island (South Pacific).

If any of these dates sound interesting, please do pop over to the Contact page and send me a message so we can work out a date and time to suit us both :-) If several people choose the same  location we can all meet together — the more the merrier!

Wondering about that HAT? I was living in Los Angeles and bought it at a flea market years ago — and I still have it!  It could become my Fashionista Afternoon Tea Hat!

Join me in Paris in September 2015

Events with Teena Hughes in Paris, Los Angeles, Hawaii and Australia

Can you join me in Paris?

I’ll be in Paris for most of September this year, and I’m hosting my quirky Adventures again!

Plus Size Fashion Adventures

It would be great to meet you in the City of Love and Light!

You don’t need to be Plus Size to join us — many of the stores we visit have clothes in all sizes, and being with a lovely fun group of women in gay Paree is a bonus!

On the one day Adventure we shop for a few hours, then relax over lunch and get to know each other, ending off the Adventure in one of Paris’ lovely little restaurants. Sound like fun? Do join us :-)