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My new hand-painted silk scarves will be launched very soon, and have been inspired by my travels to different places, and yes – my trips to Paris, and the French and other European artists we all love.

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Here is a sneak peek of two I’ve recently finished:

Handpainted silk scarves by Teena Hughes

Silk scarf Versailles design

Silk Scarf Versailles design handpainted by Teena Hughes

Silk Scarf Versailles Design

When I started painting this lovely piece of medium thickness silk Habotai to turn into a silk scarf, I was listening to French musinc and singing along, lost in a world filled with colour and sound … and this is the result.

This gorgeous scarf has hand-rolled edges, is hand-painted by me (Teena Hughes) in hot pink, orange, purple and detailed in black.

Size: 36×36 inches / 90×90 cm

In the meantime, why not pop over to the Abfab Store and see which handpainted silk scarves colours, patterns and styles you like so far?

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