Handpainted Silk Tops and Tunics : Colour Choices

Handpainted Silk : Tops and Tunics : Bright Colour Choices

Colour choices

Purple & lime
Purple & lime

Hot pink & orange
Hot pink, yellow & orange

Turquoise, purple & lime
Turquoise, lime, purple #1

Hot pink, yellow
Hot pink & yellow

Coral Sea
Coral Sea [hot pink, purple, lime green, purple, orange]

Hot pink & lime
Hot pink & lime green

Hot pink, purple, orange
Hot pink, purple, orange

Lime, turquoise
Lime green, turquoise

Hot pink, orange
Hot pink & orange


My designs are in bright, vibrant colours

ranging from hot pink to lime green,

turquoise blue, orange, yellow,

to purple

and combinations of these colours.

As the colours are handpainted by me – by brush –

I am constantly coming up with delicious

textile designs.

If you have questions about the colours

or textile desings, or the clothing designs,

please contact me so we can have

a chat about them.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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