Plus size shopping in Paris? You bet! Shopping Tours in the City of Love

Paris, France “ Plus Size Shopping Tours are now available in Paris, hosted by plus size Fashionista Teena Hughes

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How would you like to stroll the Parisian streets with me, try on gorgeous plus size clothing, maybe even sip a glass of wine or champagne at the end of the day? Ooooh la la, sounds fab, doesn\'t it? I look forward to meeting you!

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Mar 19, 2012

Attention plus size women everywhere – yes it’s true! You can find beautiful stylish plus size clothing in Paris!

The “Plus Size Shopping in Paris” Tours help you to find casual, classic, or more elegant clothing – there’s something for everyone.

The Shopping Tours start in Paris, and offers one day and five day options.

Nothing to worry about! Everything’s been arranged for the Five day/Four night Option which includes airport pick-ups, accommodation, breakfasts, champagne cruise on the River Seine on the first evening, before dinner in a lovely French bistrot. Shopping each day, with some free time to explore. Also included are the Welcome Dinner & Farewell Dinner, a fashion show, and more.

Dates for the One Day Shopping Tour – 22nd June and 2nd July, 2012.
Dates for the Five Day Shopping Tour – 26th to 30th June, 2012.

Imagine drinking champagne at dusk as we cruise around the Paris islands in the middle of the River Seine, in the heart of the city. We’ll glide by beautiful well-lit centuries-old buildings which line the shores, and see the Eiffel Tower. We’ll visit several plus size stores each day, and have lunch in cafes and afternoon tea in quaint little “Salons de The” (Tea Salons), and then out to dinner to sample the delicious French food. Comfortable walking shoes will be a must, as we visit the stores on foot, metro or bus (the best way to see Paris!).

Teena Hughes, Silk Artist / Fashion Designer of plus size clothing label, said, “Many women who’ve contacted me via my websites are nervous about buying clothes in a foreign country where they don’t speak the language. When they realise that I’ll be there to help with any language barriers, they are greatly relieved and very excited about my plus size shopping tours. The thought of finding chic, beautiful and glamourous clothes in Paris is exciting and very compelling, plus I love to show people around!”

When asked how the idea of these shopping tours came about, Teena replied, “I used to live in Paris and return in summer to catch up with friends and enjoy being back in the city I love. In my travels around the different districts I’ve found some truly marvellous plus size clothing stores with designs ranging from hip teenagers’ clothes to every day wear (Pret a porter) to chic and classy outfits to suit many occasions – so I decided to launch PLUS SIZE SHOPPING IN PARIS. I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve arranged for private visits in the Salons of several top French plus size designers as highlights of the tours.”

Here is a recent Plus Size Paris video:

For too many years plus size women have found it difficult to find beautiful, classy clothing, and unfortunately many designers have simply used the shape of clothing for size 10 or 12, and made it “wider” – without any thought to the depth of the sleeves, and the ‘fall’ of the garment. Plus size women are tired of black, navy and brown, and want to look and feel gorgeous in all colours, and the Designers in Paris have done a fantastic job providing so much choice.

Judi Lanza, one of Teena’s long-time silk clothing clients says, “Teena loves helping her customers choose the perfect hand-painted silk wearable art, and goes to great lengths to make sure they’re happy with her designs. I’m looking forward to shopping in Paris for plus size outfits and letting Teena organise everything else, all I have to do is book my flight – it couldn’t be easier!”

For a list of everything included in the adventures, and receive tips on how to buy clothes in French, what to say, and what everything’s called, sign up today – you’ll feel so Frenchy, so chic!

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Teena Hughes is a silk artist, textile designer and fashion designer who creates stunning unique wearable art and interior design collections. Teena creates gorgeous fashion in bright colours and bold designs. Teena founded the PLUS SIZE SHOPPING IN PARIS Tours in order to show gorgeous women how to find beautiful chic clothing in one of the top fashion cities in the world. Feeling and looking fabulous are the key to everything! Please visit

2 thoughts on “Plus size shopping in Paris? You bet! Shopping Tours in the City of Love

  1. Susan Braham

    Sounds good to me as I live in the Dordogne during the summer, am [or hope to be!] a size 48 European and am planning my daughter’s wedding in September 2014. Let me know, please,of your next year’s dates in time for me to get a PREMS rail ticket to Paris. Thanks, Susan.

    1. Teena Post author

      Hey there Susan! How exciting your daughter’s getting married in September 2014!

      I’ll be planning the dates for my 2014 Adventures VERY soon, so make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter so you’ll be notified.

      It would be great to meet you and go plus size shopping together :-)

      A bientot!


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