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Handpainted Silk Wearable Art

hand-painted silk wearable art - Hot pink & orange

Handpainted Silk Wearable Art, Designer Styles, Plus Size Fashion

Silk painted Haori jacket

Handpainted silk tank tops by Teena Hughes

Handpainted silk wearable art - Tops and tunics

Handpainted silk scarf wearable art

Handpainted cotton wearable art
Handpainted wearable art for plus size gorgeous women
Handpainted silk Ruanas and Capes by Teena Hughes

My handpainted silk wearable art designs and designer plus-size clothing begin with a white piece of fabric (fine silk or 100% cotton), and then I commence the silk painting process with French silk dyes, fiber-reactive dyes and lots of imagination. Each wearable art piece is handpainted or hand-dyed specifically for the garment or product being created, making it unique – truly one-of-a-kind.

I love to create beautiful things for many budgets, but I never skimp on quality.

To care for your silk, please read these simple washing instructions. If you have any questions about my handpainted silk wearable art, let’s chat today.