Profile Teena Hughes, Silk Painting Artist

Teena’s story …

Profile Teena Hughes Silk Painting Artist

In 1980 I went on holidays for six weeks and much to the surprise of friends and family (AND myself!) I returned to Sydney seven years later.

One of the countries I lived in (and fell in love with) was France, and my love of Paris began whilst working for an international advertising agency for three years.

The first dabble in painting on silk in Paris took me to a level of joy I hadn’t experienced before – as the first paintbrush laden with silk dye rested on the white silk, and my paintbrush made a brave sweep of colour across the silk, I took an involuntary sigh of bliss – this was heaven – in amazing colour – and at last I’d found what I’d been looking for!

I learnt the ancient French techniques of painting on silk, and have shared them whilst travelling the world ever since – some people say I’m the eternal Gypsy, a vagabond spirit, and the word is my backyard.

I loves experimenting with French silk dyes and reactive dyes on silk (and cotton) fabrics, and I feel my true passion shines through when I’m painting and totally immersed in this amazing art.  My love of colour is legendary, and each day I wear one of my own handpainted designs.

Silk + travel

When I came up with the idea for the Fashion Adventures in Paris , I decided that the European summer would be a perfect time for people join in from all points on the globe. I’ve had students join me from as far afield as Iceland near the north pole and New Zealand near the south pole. I’ve also expanded the Adventures to include Sydney, Melbourne and Honolulu.

I hope my love of colour and textiles shines through all my designs, whether one of my unique Wearable Art Collection, paintings, or something unique in the Home Decoration Collection.  My whimsical animal paintings show my sense of humour as well as my desire to protect endangered species through art.

“Teena Hughes dipped the paintbrush into silk dye and as she watched the colours slowly inch and slide across the silk fabric, to blend and merge and swirl and explode, she fell in love. With silk. With being able to paint and design on silk, and other textiles. She heaved a sigh of relief and thought, “Ahhhhh … so THIS is what I’ve been searching for all my life!”

A bit of background

Due to the French influence and my time spent in Paris, my first silk label and Studio was called “Soie de Vivre Atelier“, a play on words in French – from ‘joy of life’ to ‘silk of life’ [“joie de vivre” means “joy of life”; “soie de vivre” means “silk of life”].  The label is now, and my Studio (“Atelier”) is in my home.

I’ve been thrilled to have had my design work appearing in publications, on websites, in textile magazines and books around the world.

If you’d like to own one of my beautiful handpainted silk garments or objets d’art, please pop over to the Store or contact me to discuss your heart’s desire.  Choose from one of my designs, or work with me to come up with a totally unique piece of wearable art – just for you.

For enquiries about the Profile page or other webpages, please contact Teena direct – start the adventure of owning unique flattering fashion and decor today!

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