Travel Troll Dolls

Travel Troll Dolls

Travel Troll Dolls

The Travel Troll Dolls started as a little idea germinating in the far recesses of my ever-busy brain racing with lots of new ideas.

Each Travel Troll Doll is unique, and is hand-drawn by me – Teena Hughes – the silk artist.

You will receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity/Birth Certificate for your very own Travel Troll Doll with its own name.


  • Each Travel Troll Doll with be unique, and will be the same size as all the others, but will be painted differently. There is no need to choose – you will receive a named unique Travel Troll Doll.
  • Approx 8″/20cm high. Approx 1″/2.5cm thick.
  • Padding: toy fiberfill.
  • Machine wash with care, place inside a lingerie wash bag to protect the doll.

To read more of how these travel troll dolls came to life, pop over here:



Price: $35.00