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New Illustrated Children’s Books by Teena Hughes

My New Illustrated Children’s Books!

This year I have written and illustrated several children’s books (not yet published), and I’m thrilled to bits! You may not know this about me, but I love to draw — I always have a sketchbook within reach (and in my handbag), and I have been drawing Australian animals for as long as I can remember. Inbetween those sketching times, I draw clothes — yes, I love to sketch my ideas and colour them in with watercolour pencils or Sharpies :-) and NO, I do NOT sketch Aussie animals wearing my fashion designs!

Here are the ‘working titles’ for the first books in the Aussie Animal Series:

  • New Illustrated Children's Books by Teena Hughes: Koala, Koala, are you asleep?Koala, Koala, are you asleep?
  • What’s New Kangaroo?
  • Curlew, Curlew, what’s on the log?
  • Emu, Emu, why do you run so fast?
  • Dingo, Dingo, can you sing a song?

Upcoming Book Launches

I will soon be translating them into French, and I’m so excited to let you know that I will be launching the French versions in Paris in summer 2017 – woohoo!

Matching Goodies with my Cute Characters on them!

I’m so excited with my illustrations I have decided to add them to children’s clothing and gifts to match the characters of the books. Here are the first few “ideas” for Koala Koala — cushion covers, baby bib and romper suit, t-shirts (toddlers and children):

New Illustrated Children's Books and Clothing by Teena Hughes

My other ideas are: notebooks, backpack, summer flip-flops/thongs for tiny feet, jigsaw puzzles, colouring-in books, calendar, and mini-umbrella.

Like my New Illustrated Children’s Books?

What do you think? Am I on the right track? Please do write a note in the comments below or on Facebook, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you’d like to be added to the Book Launch Guest List for Brisbane (Australia) later this year or Paris (France) in European summer next year, please do get in touch, I’d love to see you!


Teena Hughes signature in pink

Visiting Paris with Teena Hughes

Visiting Paris with Teena Hughes by Video

Visiting Paris with Teena Hughes

Visiting Paris with Teena

Ahhhhhhh the taste of a fresh croissant in the morning, the aroma of fresh espresso coffee, the sounds of French music wafting on the air – bliss! Non? Oui! Here are a couple of videos for you to enjoy about my Paris Adventures – say, why not join me?

Click a video to look at Paris with Teena Hughes:

It\'s no secret that I fell in love with Paris many moons ago, and I love to go back and visit whenever I can. I also love to show others \"my Paris\" - would you like to wander the cobblestoned backstreets finding treasures with me? Excellent!

Click to Watch VideoClick to Watch VideoClick to Watch Video

Your turn

Have you ever been to Paris? Would you like to join me in Paris?

Tell me what images you think of when daydreaming about gay Paree …. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, especially if you’d like to join me!.

Hot pink and orange hand-painted on white sand-washed silk by Teena Hughes

Sticky: Plus Size Fashion Tour Adventure in Paris with Teena Hughes

Plus Size Fashion Tour Options

Plus Size Fashion tour - Join Teena Hughes in Paris

Hi! My name’s Teena and I LOVE PARIS, so  I’ve created a Plus Size Fashion Tour Adventure in Paris and I’d love it if you could join me!

I’m also creating a new Plus Size Fashion Tour in Australia, on the beautiful Gold Coast where it’s summer all year round – stay tuned! Sign up to be notified >>

Paris is one of the top fashion capitals of the world, and you may be surprised to find out there are some gorgeous plus size clothing stores to be found.

I have lived in Paris several times, and whilst there I learnt the amazing skill of handpainting onto white silk, to create gorgeous designs which I then turn into unique wearable art, (which you’ll find available on this website).

I now pop back to Paris whenever I can, at least once per year, to host a series of Adventures (or Workshops).

Plus size shopping? In Paris??!

In the last few years I’ve noticed some gorgeous plus-size stores popping up all over Paris, and I’d love to show them to you – I can even translate French if you need me to –  and we’ll basically enjoy days of adventures and fun with like-minded souls.

So – ready for a Gorgeous Goddess adventure?

Come join me on a Plus Size fashion extravaganza in Paris, France!

Option 1:

One Day Plus-Size Fashion Tour Adventure

Cost $US195

Duration:  10:00am to 2:00pm

We start off the day around 10am with our Meet & Greet by meeting in a Café and getting to know each other before we head off to the metro and bus. We stop for a lunch break around 1pm. After lunch is more shopping, and we visit several fabulous plus size stores during the day. There are lingerie stores, casual clothing stores and up-market stores. If we have time, we can also check out some yummy accessories :-)

Included: Meet & Greet Coffee, Metro passes.

Not included: Food, drinks (other than first coffee).


Option 2:

Five Day/Four Night Plus-Size Fashion Tour Adventure

Cost $US2,295.00


Single Supplement? $US550.00


  •  September 2015
[Questions? Contact me today >> ]

Newsletter thank you from Teena Hughes,

Above: That’s me – Teena Hughes – May 2013


Eight Adventuresses is a lovely number, so we can all get to know each other and have a great time together :-)


4 nights in a 3-Star Hotel Apartment near Place de la Bastille, with kitchenette including fridge & microwave (to make it feel more like home). Each apartment will be shared by two Adventuresses. It’s a short walk to shops, theaters, bars and restaurants.

Registration Details >>


To be part of this fabulous Plus Size Fashion Tour Adventure, you will:

  • meet me and the fellow Adventuresses in Paris on the Tuesday for lunch
  • check-in to an apartment (2 people per apartment, or contact me if you prefer to pay a Single Supplement) with the Adventuresses for 4 nights in a great part of Paris, with breakfast included
  • enjoy a Champagne Cruise on the River Seine for your first night
  • we get to know each other further over a delicious French dinner after the champagne cruise
  • during the days we visit at least 2 (sometimes more) plus-size stores, where you can try on designer French plus-size lingerie and clothes to your heart’s content
  • enjoy a pre-arranged exclusive visit to a fabulous Private Salon of one of the top Plus Size fashion designers in Paris
  • we’ll also visit Tea Salons, Patisseries (cake shops) and cafes to try some amazingly delicious hot chocolate, coffee and tea whilst savouring some of the delicious pastries which Paris is famous for
  • optional: visit the fabric district at the foot of Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, or the Fashion Museum
  • optional: explore my favourite hidden jewellery shop in a little side street away from the crowds
  • enjoy local traditional French cuisine in restaurants close to your accommodation, so easy to walk home after a glass of wine or two :-)
  • learn the basics of the French language from me, just enough to help you enjoy your stay – no, there won’t be any homework or studying :-)
  • Paris is the fashion capital of the world – we’ll visit the gorgeous multi-level store Galeries Lafayette for a marvellous Fashion Show on Friday at 3:00pm. Lasting for 30 minutes, the commentary is in English with great music and we’re sure to have fun!
  • participate in our very own mini Catwalk Fashion Show of Gorgeous Goddesses on the last evening, so we can show off everything we’ve bought, before a fabulous French dinner in one of my favourite restaurants
  • check out straight after breakfast on the Saturday morning.

Day 1 to 5:

Day 1: Tuesday – Afternoon Arrival | Champagne Cruise at dusk | Welcome Dinner
Day 2: Wednesday – Shopping – Afternoons at your leisure if desired
Day 3: Thursday – Shopping – Afternoons at your leisure if desired
Day 4: Friday – Shopping – Afternoon Fashion Show @ Galleries Lafayette | Farewell Dinner
Day 5: Saturday – time to check out of the apartment after breakfast.


  • airport transfer on arrival & departure days if required
  • 3 Star Apartment accommodation for 4 nights
  • first evening’s Champagne Cruise and Welcome dinner
  • meeting with a very well-known French Fashion Designer of plus size clothing in her exclusive Private Salon
  • Farewell Dinner on final night
  • Metro and Bus Tickets
  • Admission to all group venues, presentations, tours and meals as listed
  • Meals included are: breakfast each day, welcome dinner and farewell dinner. Cost of wine is not included in these meals.

Not included:

  • Cost of getting to Paris / airfare / any travel cost before arriving in Paris
  • Travel Insurance (which you must have, you will need to provide details to me)
  • Lunches and dinners unless specified
  • Cost of drinks/wine is not included
  • Visits to cafés for tea/coffee/chocolate/cocktails etc will be at your expense.

Optional Extras:

On any day …

Meet my favourite Coiffeur, Frederic, for a hairdressing appointment. Please let me know and I will book in advance for you.

On Day 5 – Saturday

  • 2.5 hr Barge Cruise around and UNDER Paris! I love this cruise. Separate booking & payment can be made up to 1 week prior to your arrival in Paris.

Step 1 – Register Today!

To let me know you’d love to join me, please click this link to contact me today for more information – what fun we’ll have!

Step 2 – Receive My Updates via Email

If you’d like to receive regular updates on the upcoming Plus Size Fashion Tour Adventures, and to learn some fascinating snippets about Paris – the city I love, simply fill in this little form below:


Step 3 – Please click the link in the email I send you!!

After you fill in the form, look for an email straight away – you’ll need to click the Confirmation Link within that email to confirm your request to be on the mailing list. I look forward to being in touch soon!

More info : Introduction >> | Regsitration Info >> | Make Payment >>

Psssst – if you’re interested in my other adventures, pop over to the Adventures page.

I look forward to meeting you when you join me in Paris on the next Plus Size Fashion Tour – as we sample the gorgeous plus size fashion!!


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Travel Troll Dolls

Handpainted Silk Travel Troll Dolls

Travel Troll Dolls

The Travel Troll Dolls started as a little idea germinating in the far recesses of my ever-busy brain racing with lots of new ideas :-)

I have lived in five countries (Australia, New Zealand, USA, Greece, France) and travelled to many, many more, so the thought of having a little lucky Travel Troll to tuck into my bag seemed like a good idea.

The design came from brain to my pencil and then onto paper, and within 24 hours I had created my first happy little Travel Trolls.

Each Travel Troll Doll is unique, and is hand-drawn by me – Teena Hughes – the silk artist.

You will receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity/Birth Certificate for your very own Travel Troll Doll with its own name.


  • Each Travel Troll Doll with be unique, and will be the same size as all the others, but will be painted differently. There is no need to choose – you will receive a named unique Travel Troll Doll.
  • Approx 8″/20cm high. Approx 1″/2.5cm thick.
  • Padding: toy fiberfill.
  • Machine wash with care, place inside a lingerie wash bag to protect the doll.

Ready to order? $US35.00 each + shipping

If you’d like to order several items, there is a Flat Rate shipping fee of $US15.00 per order.

View in Store and add to cart

The Life of a Travel Troll Doll – from idea to delivery :-)

First sketch of the Travel Troll Doll by Teena HughesThe Travel Troll Dolls are drawn on silk, then handpainted by Teena Hughes Handpainted silk Travel Troll Dolls by Teena Hughes

How the Travel Troll Dolls are born

After I put my ideas on paper, I need to transfer them to the silk; here are the steps required.

  • I buy white silk, and stretch the silk onto large wooden frames.
  • If the design needs to be drawn on the silk, I do that with the outliner and let it dry.
  • I then apply the silk dyes by painting with a small paintbrush, as though I was creating a painting on paper or canvas.
  • It does take a long time but the process is so wonderful and I do enjoy it very much.
  • Once the silk dyes have dried, the silk is carefully wrapped in white cotton and placed inside a specially-made silk steaming machine for several hours.
  • After washing and drying, the silk is made cut out and sewn into Travel Troll Dolls (wearable art/clothing, interior design items like cushion covers, room dividers and paintings).

I can express my ‘joie de vivre‘ (joy of life) when I’m painting and listening to French music – I go into another world where all the colours are much brighter and the world is truly marvellous :-) Do you like my travel troll dolls? Would you like one for yourself, or a friend?